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Prineville at a Glance

Prineville is situated in the heart of Crook County and exudes a distinctive Western charm. The city embraces its frontier heritage, evident in the well-preserved downtown area with charming storefronts, local businesses, and a sense of community pride. The Crook County Courthouse, a historic landmark, adds to the town’s character and serves as a reminder of its rich past.

The nearby Ochoco National Forest offers hiking and camping opportunities, while the Prineville Reservoir State Park is a popular spot for water activities and fishing. The scenic Crooked River, winding through the region, provides a picturesque backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts.

In recent years, Prineville has become notable for its role as a technology hub. The presence of major data centers, including those operated by a well-known social media company, has brought economic growth to the area. This unique juxtaposition of technology and tradition contributes to the city’s diverse and dynamic atmosphere.