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Redmond at a Glance

Redmond is a dynamic and growing community known for its blend of outdoor adventure, economic vitality, and small-town charm. Redmond’s historic downtown area boasts a mix of shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. The city is also known for its commitment to community events, with festivals, farmers’ markets, and outdoor concerts contributing to a lively atmosphere.

Smith Rock State Park, just a short distance away, is a world-renowned destination for rock climbing and hiking. The nearby Cascade Range provides opportunities to explore trails, lakes, and enjoy a variety of recreational pursuits. The Redmond Caves, formed by ancient lava flows, offer a unique underground adventure for those interested in geological marvels.


General Duffy’s Waterhole offers live music, vendor markets and food trucks.

Westside Tacos prepares great authentic Mexican food. The blueberry brisket tacos are a must!

Terra Kitchen is a true field-to-table restaurant offering locally sourced ingredients with a seasonal menu.